About IBSA

IBSA, the International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA), is in charge of a wide range of sports for athletes who are blind or partially sighted.

IBSA is the International Federation for three sports on the Paralympic programme – goalball, judo and football 5-a-side. The organization sets the rules, organizes the competition calendar and carries out development activities as part of its role.

IBSA was founded in April 1981 when representatives from 30 countries met at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France, to set up the organization.

IBSA is registered as a non-profit making organization in Germany. We are full and founding members of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), where we represent the interests of visually impaired sportsmen and sportswomen.

In IBSA we believe sport is one of the best ways to promote mainstreaming and integration in society for people with a visual impairment. Sport can help people overcome their disability by boosting their self-esteem and their ability to overcome adversity.

To achieve our goals, we encourage all blind and visually impaired people to get involved in different sports and physical activities. You too can become a blind athlete and take part in competitions ranging from school sports to elite championships for the visually impaired and the Paralympic Games.
Source: International Blind Sports Federation. (2018). http://www.ibsasport.org/ibsa
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