Click here to sign up to volunteer for the 2019 IBSA Goalball & Judo International Qualifier

Learn more about the various volunteer opportunities. 

Hosting the prestigious 2019 IBSA Goalball & Judo International Qualifier in Fort Wayne, IN, and the United States is an honor. We also need your help to make this event a success for the international athletes and delegations that will be arriving and competing.

You have the opportunity to be part of making this historic event possible.

Will you consider volunteering your time to support the endeavors of all of the participating athletes as we strive to showcase the best of our community? We are estimating a need of close to 600 volunteers over the course of this 10-day event. You may choose to volunteer in two, four or eight-hour shifts, and for one or multiple days.

Organizations may also become volunteer sponsors by committing their employees' time to a portion of the event. 
If you or your group are interested in volunteering your time to support the largest international event held in Fort Wayne and the first Paralympic qualifying event of its kind in our community, please visit the link above. We will be contacting volunteers at a later date to confirm specific schedules and roles. 

You may also contact Beth Moody, Volunteer Coordinator, directly at (260)483-2100 or beth@turnstone.org to discuss various individual and group volunteer opportunities that are available.

We at Turnstone and the City of Fort Wayne are honored to be able to ask you to become an integral part of the 2019 IBSA International Qualifier! We thank you in advance for your time and your support.

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